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Refurbished Visual Fields


Carl Zeiss Campo Visual Reacondicionado Serie No -i

  • ​All the features of the Zeiss 740 Patented gaze tracking system

  • Blue yellow perimetry

  • 850MB hard disk storage

  • Real-time evaluation of the fixation of the eyes.

HFA IIi.jpg

Carl Zeiss Visual Field Series II-i Refurbished


Validated by more than 25 years of research, design and clinical experience, the Humphrey® field analyzer is the standard of accepted assistance in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. With more than 65,000 units installed worldwide, the HFA is the leader of the automatic field of vision analyzers.

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Zeiss FDT Perimeter Refurbished



The FDT is optimized for use in both ophthalmological and non-ophthalmological settings and

may be operated by healthcare workers having little or no specialty training in ophthalmology. Patients may be tested using their own glasses, no requirement for trial lenses or eye patches1

  • Short test: ~ 40 seconds per eye

  • Simplified interpretation of results

  • Large, age-related normative database

  • Compact design that fits anywhere in your practice

  • Easy and intuitive operation for users of any level of experience

  • Dependable performance in ambient light

  • Convenient low-cost, built-in printer*

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