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GE LightSpeed CT Scan 16.JPG

GE LightSpeed 16 Slice CT Scanner Refurbished


The reconstituted GE LightSpeed ​​16 Slice CT scanner is the fourth evolution of the LightSpeed ​​series. It is one of the most popular and most used TC scanners on the market due to its price / performance ratio. The GE LightSpeed ​​16 Slice CT is reliable and easy to use, designed to provide diagnostic confidence and productivity.

Video Laringoscopio Infinium ClearVue


The Infinium ClearVue® video laryngoscope adopts state-of-the-art imaging technology and has the advantage of a full 2.0 megapixel full view camera with high resolution monitor. The ClearVue® has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for extended use. A unique anti-fogging capability is also provided. The overall design is compact and ergonomic. A high resolution view of the glottis will allow doctors to try success first while minimizing any possibility of complication during the intubation process.

Siemens Arco en C.JPG

Siemens Avantic Cardiac  C-ARM  Refurbished

Arcadis® Avantic is a high-tech multipurpose C-arm. It is particularly designed for applications that require high power and a wider field of vision, such as vascular and cardiac surgery, gastroenterology and many other fields of practice.

Precise imaging and important performance

Easy operation

Easy integration into clinical workflows

Optimal flexibility in the handling of data


DOM 2007 Hard Drives Included Software and optional discs included Image intensifier: 12 '' 15 KW generator Tube: Siemens Size: Standard Dual Monitors Applications: Cardiac, Vascular, Spinal, General, Pacemaker Placement, Ortho, Neuro, 8 FPS. Dicom: Send, foot switch.

Lunar Prodigy.JPG

GE Lunar Prodigy Used Oseo Densitometer

Condition: good Bone Densitometry of GE Lunar Prodigy with TUBE 2008

Manufacturing: 2003

8 foot table, double hip, spine, femur, forearm, XP computer, monitor, car, tank HV Encore Software 12.30, Positioners, Phantom.

Draeger Anesthesia Machine.jpg

Drager Anesthesia Machine 2A Used



The Drager Narkomed 2A Anesthesia Machine is a very versatile and cost-effective model.

The 2A was the first in the Drager line to incorporate the standard hypoxic protector. This Drager model is a reliable alternative for a tight budget. Presents O2 and N2O standard and has capacity for 3 vaporizers. The AVE (electronic) fan is standard, but this model can also be configured with ascending bellows (style A or F) or descending bellows. The drawer package settings may vary from the image.

OHmeda Anesthesia Machine.jpg

Ohmeda Anesthesia Machine Refurbished

This reliable Ohmeda anesthesia machine comes with a fan of choice. Oxygen and volume monitoring is standard in this unit, while integrated oximetry and endideal CO2 are optional. The Mod II is compatible with the Tec series vaporizers. The drawer package settings may vary from the image.


- O2 and N2O standard. - Optional air.

- Standard hypoxic guard.

- Oxygen and volume monitoring standard.

- Optional integrated pulse oximetry, CO2 endemic

- Standard GMS CO2 absorber

- E-cylinder and central gas connections standard. - Drawer configurations may vary from image.

GE Senograph Essential.jpg

GE Unidad De Mamografía Digital Usada

With careful attention to women's health, from low-dose imaging to an innovative and interactive approach to mammography, Senographe Essential defines the patient's experience. GE Healthcare's most important digital mammography system is an upgradeable platform designed to provide clinical confidence and provide you with what you need to provide high quality care. Senographe Essential allows you to perform a wide variety of breast procedures, from in-office or mobile detection to advanced diagnostic procedures.


Detector 24x31cm DICOM x-ray tube Automatic exposure Acquisition Console / Lead Crystal Shield High Frequency Single Phase Power Supply High Frequency Generator and Conditioner Face Mask Standard Phantom Set

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