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SIRIUS Topógrapher & Tomographer

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SIRIUS is a full-function, multifunctional placid topograph and Scheimpflug tomograph with dedicated software designed to aid in the detection and analysis of Dry Eyes. The SIRIUS exams provide an accurate measurement of pupil diameter under scotopic, mesopic and photopic conditions. SIRIUS shows information about the pachymetry, elevation, curvature and dioptric power of both corneal surfaces with a diameter of 12 mm. SIRIUS has an advanced PHOENIX software that examines and documents the Keratoconus Summary, Corneal Aberrometry, Glaucoma Summary, Cataract Summary, Tear Analysis, Meibography, Pupilography, Densitometry and Videokeratoscope




1. Combines the topography of the placido disc with the tomography with ovum Sheimp of the anterior segment

2. Tangential and axial curvature for the anterior and posterior corneal surface.

3. SIRIUS technology is presented through a multifunctional corneal topograph

4. SIRIUS LED technology has an estimated lifetime of 5000 continuous use.

5. It offers an automatic calculation of the iridocorneal surface and works with already treated eyes (for example, LASIK).

6. Depth map and analysis of the previous camera.

7. Has built-in pupilography measurement software

8. Planning tools for refractive surgery and cataract.

9. IOL calculation with ray tracing techniques.

10. Advanced topographic ring editing system.

11. Contact lens application module.

12. Analysis of OPD and simulation of visus.

13. Comparison of Scheimpflug images.

14. Acquisition reliability summary.

15. 24 timbres of Placido's disc.

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