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Topographers & Tomographers

Sirius Topographer.JPG

SIRIUS Topógrapher & Tomographer


SIRIUS is a full-function, multifunctional placid topograph and Scheimpflug tomograph with dedicated software designed to aid in the detection and analysis of Dry Eyes. The SIRIUS exams provide an accurate measurement of pupil diameter under scotopic, mesopic and photopic conditions. SIRIUS shows information about the pachymetry, elevation, curvature and dioptric power of both corneal surfaces with a diameter of 12 mm. SIRIUS has an advanced PHOENIX software that examines and documents the Keratoconus Summary, Corneal Aberrometry, Glaucoma Summary, Cataract Summary, Tear Analysis, Meibography, Pupilography, Densitometry and Videokeratoscope

Zeiss Atlas 995 Corneal Topographer Refurbished

Within the characteristics of Atlas 995, we find that:

  • Measure the corneal irregularity

  • 22-ring cone

  • Patented focusing cone

  • Comprehensive and detailed evaluation of the peripheral corneal pupil

  • Diagnostic Trend Modules and Advanced Refractive Cure / STARS

  • USB and Ethernet capabilities User-friendly platform

  • Complex analysis Avant-garde images.

Zeiss Atlas 9000 Corneal Topographer Refurbished 


The characteristics of the Zeiss Atlas 9000 corneal topographer: ATLAS Placido Disk Technology

  • SmartCapture image analysis

  • Ray tracing technology Plácido ring illumination not visible

  • Compatibility of data with previous Atlas corneal topography systems

  • Measurement of Spherical Aberration

  • Corneal Complete topography anterior and posterior

  • Wide Peripheral Coverage Easy image capture

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